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With Emergency Volunteering you can access information about how to help with disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and community resilience building.

At Emergency Volunteering you can access information about a variety of topics related to natural disaster mitigation, response and recovery.


With Emergency Volunteering, you can...

Access useful information and resources to increase your knowledge about:

  • what you need to know about disasters
  • community resilience

Take action:

  • register with EV CREW; a referral service between volunteers and disaster response agencies or community organisations. This gives you access to emergency volunteer opportunities.

Make connections with:

  • like-minded people via social media
  • your local community.

Recovery from a disaster is a long process. Agencies rely on long term support from volunteers who may perform various roles, ranging from basic clean up to care, comfort and personal support to affected communities. It is for that reason that Volunteering Queensland recommends that anyone considering volunteering learns more about disaster response and recovery processes.


Join the Care Army

Volunteering Queensland through Emergency Volunteering CREW is working on the Queensland Government's Care Army initiative. The Care Army is made up of everyday Queenslanders who want to help older and vulnerable people living in the community who may not have friends, family or neighbours who are able to support them.

The primary focus of the Care Army is social connection and essential services such as the delivery of groceries and medicines for Queensland’s seniors and most vulnerable. This could be achieved through phone calls or video chats to check on the wellbeing of older and vulnerable Queenslanders and help reduce the impacts of social isolation. It could also involve the non-contact delivery of food, medication and essential items, driving people to appointments, mowing lawns, or similar chores. The safety and health of Care Army volunteers and the safety, health and privacy of those they assist is of primary importance. Community organisations that the Care Army volunteers with are asked to ensure all necessary screenings, briefings and PPE are in place.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Care Army, you can register at any time.




If you are a community organisation that needs volunteers or want to find out more about how Care Army volunteers can work in your community with your teams, please contact Volunteering Queensland directly on (07) 3002 7600.


Volunteering Queensland's role during disasters

During times of disaster we match volunteers with response agencies or community organisations. We work with a number of agencies such as local government, Australian Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul Society, Lifeline and others.

To access safe and coordinated volunteering opportunities, we recommend registering with EV CREW or partner agencies. EV CREW informs registered volunteers about the latest opportunities.





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