Emergency Volunteering

By registering your interest in volunteering, you will be joining tens of thousands of Queenslanders on standby to assist in times of disaster should help be needed.


Queenslanders are no strangers to disasters and, emergencies. In recent years, we have fiercely battled drought, fire, flood and disease making evident that volunteers are vital at every stage, however none so much as the bridge between disaster and recovery. Disaster recovery is a long process. Communities and agencies rely on long term support from volunteers to provide clean-up, essential good delivery, care, comfort and personal support to affected communities.

Know your role

What is EV CREW?

EV CREW stands for Emergency Volunteering Community Response to Extreme Weather.

EV CREW is a service that matches volunteers with disaster and emergency management agencies when and where they are needed.

Disaster and emergency management agencies are “Organisations” – including
all levels of government, well-known charitable organisations and community groups- that have a role during the response or recovery phase of a disaster event.

EV CREW is an initiative of Volunteering Queensland, supported by Volunteering ACT and Volunteering Tasmania.

Volunteering Queensland EV CREW and Queensland’s Disaster Management Agreements

Through EV CREW; Volunteering Queensland, works alongside councils, agencies and volunteer involving organisations to provide coordinated disaster recovery volunteer teams when and wherever disaster strikes.

Under the existing Disaster Management Agreements for Queensland, EV CREW provides the primary avenue for the registration and referral of volunteers in a disaster management setting.

Before disaster strikes, consider volunteering for other causes.