We are all exposed to hazards in our everyday life. Major disasters like bushfires, can have enormous impacts on Tasmanian communities.

Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods

Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods (BRN) is a Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) community education program that engages local communities and helps them become bushfire ready. The program recognises that individuals, communities and government all have a role and share responsibility to prevent, prepare, respond to, and recover from bushfires and other natural hazards. We all play a part when it comes to preparing for bushfires – individuals, government and communities. At a local level this means residents are encouraged to take responsibility in learning about, preparing for, responding to and recovering from bushfires. Learn more about BRNs and check out the great resources online.

Keeping up-to-date

It’s important to keep aware of the local situation when there is an emergency. On bushfires, the TFS has extensive information including the fire danger ratings, fire bans, alerts list and maps. See the TFS website for more information.

TasALERT is the state’s official emergency information source. Check the TasALERT website and Facebook page for updates on various emergencies, road closures, power outages and more.

Building resilience

Natural disasters are inevitable and they significantly impact communities and the economy. In 2009 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to adopt a whole-of-nation resilience-based approach to disaster management. The National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (NSDR) highlights that:

  • Disasters will happen
  • Disaster resilience is your business
  • Connected communities are resilient communities
  • Know your risk
  • Get ready - then act
  • Learn from experience

Find out more about the NSDR and disaster resilience.