Template: Debriefing Spontaneous Volunteer Operations


Provides an overview of the key points to consider when debriefing Spontaneous Volunteers. Spontaneous Volunteer Operations

Debriefing is an important part of managing volunteers in disasters or emergencies. It helps identify what worked well, and assists in refining future processes and practice for Spontaneous Volunteer operations. Debriefing volunteers reinforces the valued role they have played as it provides them with the opportunity to contribute to process improvement by providing feedback.

Debriefing is a useful opportunity to gather information on:

  • The impact of the event and check on the progress of the recovery effort.
  • Current conditions on the ground. • The types of work undertaken on the day.
  • If the equipment provided was suitable for the activities.
  • If communications systems and equipment were effective. • If fatigue management was implemented and effective.
  • The volunteers’ experience.
  • Any particular concerns needing urgent attention.

Ideally, debriefing will be done face-to-face at the end of every shift. It may be undertaken by the volunteer’s Team Leader or Manager. It is also a great opportunity to thank the volunteer for their contribution. The example questions below may need to be adjusted depending on information you require for reporting.