Sample Memorandum of Understanding


Establishes the principles, outcomes, roles, responsibilities, and relationships between Local Governments and organisations responsible for the management of Spontaneous Volunteers. 


1. Preamble

[Name of Volunteering Organisation] shares a commitment with [Name of Local Government] to ensure that the impact and effect of disasters (natural and human made) are minimised and well managed for the Local Government ’s residents and community. This is achieved through the effective management of volunteer support following disaster events, aligned with established Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements.

[Name of Volunteering Organisation] and [Name of Local Government] understands that:

  • Volunteers are an invaluable additional workforce when effectively sourced and managed and can really make a difference to disaster efforts. Clear understanding of the affected communities’ needs and strong management systems are required to effectively utilise these volunteers.
  • Volunteers will come forward spontaneously to offer support to their community following disasters. They are usually not prepared, nor do they often understand the risks, conditions, disaster consequences for the people affected, emergency management arrangements, or environmental dangers.
  • This MoU appoints [Volunteering Organisation] as the lead agency to recruit, manage, activate, coordinate and supervise Spontaneous Volunteers and Team Leaders in the Local Government area, to support communities following disaster events.