Sample Agreement: Activation and use of Volunteering Queensland’s EV CREW service


Outlines the agreed roles and responsibilities of Volunteering Queensland and the respective Local Government Authority in the activation and use of Emergency Volunteering – Community Response to Extreme Weather (EV CREW).

EV CREW Service Activations Under existing Disaster Management Arrangements for Queensland, EV CREW provides the primary avenue for the registration and referral of volunteers in a disaster management setting by the Queensland Government. If necessary, EV CREW may also be used by Local Government.

Volunteering Queensland’s EV CREW service links people who wish to assist in times of disaster, with recognised organisations supporting communities in an organised and coordinated way during and after disaster events.

Volunteering Queensland facilitates this through:

  • Activating and utilising its EV CREW system as the central coordinating point for incoming requests from organisations that are seeking volunteers, as well as from individuals and group pledging their time and assistance.
  • Acting as an information provider and a gateway to easily disseminate accurate, timely and consistent information and messaging about the event, what type of assistance may be / is needed, when it may be / is needed, progress updates, the types of assistance needed, and locations of where assistance may be / is needed.
  • Being the reliable go-to point for clear, timely, up to date communication related to Spontaneous Volunteering for the general public, for registered and potential emergency volunteers, for community organisations, and for other emergency and disaster organisations.
  • Connecting offers to help from individuals, groups and corporates with requests for volunteer assistance from community organisations seeking volunteers.
  • Working closely with community organisations across the course of their volunteer operations.