Resilience Sessions were one-hour activities engaging students about disaster preparedness in a fun and meaningful way. In addition to learning about preparedness for natural disasters, students had the opportunity to improve their teamwork skills, logical thinking, creative skills, leadership, communication and facilitation skills. 

The sessions were delivered autonomously or as a part of the Resilience Ambassadors initiative. By completing one of the sessions, students gained an opportunity to become Resilience Ambassadors who will be able to further facilitate the session they attended for other students or community groups. The amount of sessions facilitated by students was subject to each school’s preferences and varied from one to multiple sessions.

The sessions were facilitated in Queensland's high schools.

To get a sense of what happened during Resilience Sessions, check out the videos below.

Resilience Sessions aimed to engage young people in discussions and activities which helped them prepare for natural disasters and be better informed, more connected and resilient members of their communities.

Volunteering Queensland delivered 52 sessions in 21 high schools and community organisations to over 900 students across Queensland. The sessions are flexible and highly adaptable in terms of diverse participation and ways of delivery. This project was funded by Queensland State and Commonwealth Governments.

This short video captures the time spent with Caboolture Special School’s Emergency Service VTE (Vocational Technical Education) program students. The first time Volunteering Queensland visited the school, we were so impressed with their Emergency Service program, that we agreed to document their work.

Some of the programs that the students participate in are the Caboolture Special School Amateur Radio Club Station VK4HBU, the VLB 327 Maritime Coast Station and various radio clubs, as well as the International Space Station (ISS) / Satellite Project. Some students volunteer with State Emergency Service (SES), the Coast Guard, the QFRS Rural Fire Service and Toorbul Rural Fire Brigade. Students are also involved in training programs such as the Queensland Rail – Rail Safety Training, Workplace Health & Safety Training, First Aid & Resuscitation Training, Fire Safety Training. 

Additionally, the students who participated in Volunteering Queensland’s Resilience Sessions are soon-to-be Resilience Ambassadors.

By sharing this video, we hope that other schools in Queensland and beyond can see how beneficial, interesting and fun it can be for students to volunteer, learn about emergency services and prepare for natural disasters.

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