Engaging, participatory and educational workshops where disaster and volunteer matters can be discussed with volunteers or those involved in emergencies across organisational boundary lines.

The workshops focus on bringing both response and recovery personnel together under one roof with an opportunity for participants to share their experiences and ideas and to learn about the roles of other agencies and how these roles can complement each other.

The workshops were held in: Warwick, Charleville, Mt Isa, Roma, Emerald, Rockhampton, Townsville, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Mackay and Bundaberg.

Southern Downs

The first Emergency Volunteering Community Workshop took place in the Southern Downs region, with 27 participants from Warwick, Stanthorpe, Leyburn and further afield joining us at the Slade Campus in Warwick. A facilitated conversation around community resilience took place and the group learned what made the people in these communities so resilient, especially in the Queensland floods 2010-11.

Really positive stories of endurance, respectful communication, collaborative working between councils, nonprofits, government and the community shined through, as well as the effective training and coordination of emergency volunteers, including spontaneous volunteers.

Key learnings from the workshop highlighted that although the community did well under the circumstances, there is the "need to be able to look after themselves" and be more self-reliant. Each participant pledged who they were going to have a conversation about community resilience in times of disaster. Some were going to take up the discussion with colleagues, others pledged to discuss with family and friends. Others have started developing action plans, care packs and a community register detailing local needs and resources in partnership with leaders in their communities as well as the local fire service.

"The workshop provided not only a networking opportunity for people to get other, but also to discuss what they have experienced, bring their ideas to table and learn from each other."

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