Our Natural Disaster Resilience Leadership Project is a 2 or 4 day capacity building workshop for community leaders living in disaster affected or disaster at risk communities.

The project aims to bring together a broad cross-section of stakeholders in order to explore their role in building community resilience and develop action plans which address local issues.

Both formal and informal leaders are encouraged to participate by either self-identifying or being nominated by others in their community. With previous deliveries of the project having representatives from many different areas in the community including: 

  • Voluntary and community groups  
  • Nonprofit and service sector 
  • Local business and industry groups
  • Education sector  
  • Researchers and academics 
  • Disaster management and response agencies 
  • Local and state government   

This project is designed to equip community leaders with the knowledge and resources to be better able to build healthy, resilient communities and provide the local leadership needed for community resilience. It assists local leaders by expanding their understanding of community resilience, building their leadership capacity, strengthening their networks and connecting them with local agencies and authorities.

Using best practice adult education and peer-to-peer learning the project provides participants with the opportunity to share their knowledge and to gain new strategies and understandings on a wide range of relevant subjects including:

  • What makes for a healthy community 
  • What is community resilience
  • Assessing community resilience
  • The Queensland disaster management framework
  • The emotional impacts of disaster
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Best practice community engagement
  • Developing projects to trigger change
  • Community economic development
  • Cross-sector collaboration
  • Working with volunteers and young people

Well informed, connected and empowered local community leaders have the means to make significant positive contributions to their communities. It is this unique opportunity for positive, proactive and innovative action driven at a grassroots level and sensitive to local issues which the Natural Disaster Resilience Leadership Project hopes to encourage.

As part of the project participants work to develop their own action plans to address local issues and meet local needs, with a focus on encouraging cross-sector collaboration. These action plans can be anything from a household preparedness plan, a community fun-day, business continuity planning, an arts recovery project, a mental health campaign or an inter-agency MOU. It is through these action plans that the Natural Disaster Resilience Leadership Project reaches the wider community.

Already over 400 community leaders from across Queensland and New South Wales have participated in the project and each of them have gone out into their community and taken action to strengthen resilience in their local area.  

As part of our Step Up Program, this project received the encouragement award in the Queensland round of the Resilient Australia Awards 2012. The impacts of this project are being sustained through the ongoing work the participants are doing in their own communities to build resilience.

The project is available as a fee-for-service training package and can be tailored to meet special community and local needs. Please download our project information booklet.

For more information contact our team, via:

P (07) 3002 7600
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