Queensland’s Disaster Readiness Challenge is a unique disaster readiness campaign which invites Queenslanders to take collective control over their own preparedness. Volunteering Queensland is inviting government, businesses, community organisations, schools and individuals to sign up to take the Disaster Readiness Index and improve their level of disaster preparedness.

Westpac, Queensland Rail and ANZ were the first corporates to take Queensland's Disaster Readiness Challenge. Other corporates are challenged to encourage their employees to take the Disaster Readiness Index to find out how they can be more prepared for disasters.

Why should my business get involved?

The corporate world has a deep understanding of the importance of being prepared, which is manifested through a variety of risk management and business continuity activities. You might even have included disasters in your risk management plans, but have you included any pro-active strategies that involve helping prepare your staff, your customers and your stakeholders with whom you work and depend on.

Real outcomes

Internal organisational benefits:

  • Helping staff become disaster ready, and contributing to a culture of safety
  • Team capacity-building – the pro-active attitude which underpins the disaster preparedness mindset can help teams function better
  • Prepared workforces decrease long and short-term mental health issues associated with disasters. Create a more resilience workforce that is better able to return to work after a disaster
  • Strengthening business continuity

External organisational benefits:

  • Aligning with a cutting edge disaster preparedness resource and campaign
  • Demonstrating your safety and corporate social responsibility through branding opportunities

Why is preparedness important?

Queenslanders are twice as likely to experience natural disasters compared with people in other states of Australia. But, are we prepared for these emergencies?

Disaster preparedness is central to all Queenslanders, and we all have a role to play. Corporate businesses have a particularly important role given the size of their workforce and their reach into the community.

How can we join the challenge

It's simple - get in touch with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. team.