Is my local community prepared?

Why does it matter if your community is prepared?

You have your emergency kit, a get-away plan and are ready to roll come what may... so who cares if there's fisticuffs at the supermarket emptying the shelves, if people are grid-locking the highways trying to get away or get home...

The problem is that the people we work with, our family and friends are people we care about and if they aren’t prepared that is something that will impact you. If your street isn't prepared, then there'll be no-one to help more vulnerable members of your community, including children - maybe even yours. If your community isn't prepared then they won't recover quickly or effectively which could have impact on your livelihood and daily life.

If you're an isolated island of preparedness in a sea of unpreparedness then you are still vulnerable.

How to tell if your community is prepared?

This is a tricky one to answer, but preparedness starts with you.

  • Do you know your local area's disaster management plans?
  • Are you aware of risks around your home and your workplace or disasters that could hit your area?
  • Do you know who to call for emergency support? Do you have what you need at home if a disaster hits?

Take the Disaster Readiness Index to find out your preparedness strengths and weaknesses. 

You're prepared, you want to help your community.... what to do now?

Talk about it! With your neighbours, your colleagues, your friends, your business partners, your clients and customers, your kids, your gym buddies, your community groups, your religious organisation.... talk to them all.

There are many great resources, we find a great starting place is the Disaster Readiness Index because it actually helps you assess what you already know and where you need to start.

Not a great talker? Then letter box drop, blog about it, get in the local newspaper, or convince a talkative friend to chat about it!