Disaster Ready Communities

Disaster Ready Communities

Disaster Ready Communities

What are you doing in the good times to make sure you’re ready to help each other when it really matters?

Take part in ‘Disaster Ready Communities’ to learn how you can help your community to be more prepared and more resilient to disasters.

While all levels of government, disaster management agencies, business and industry, NGO’s and community groups have their part to play – you too can make a difference. Access our series of interactive resources below and help your community become a disaster ready community.

Module 1   Module 2   Module 3   Module 4

Disasters: Know Your Role
Where you fit in the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements


Disasters: Connected Communities
What a disaster ready community looks like


Disasters: What Can You Do?
Ideas to increase disaster readiness in your community


Disasters: Working With Your Community
How to utilise strengths and overcome challenges when working together with your community

Download Disaster Ready Communities Animations Supported by the Commonwealth and State Government Natural Disaster Resilience Program Step Up Volunteering Qld