Want to volunteer to help after Cyclone Debbie?

Volunteering Queensland's Emergency Volunteering team is managing all volunteer offers of assistance to support areas affected by Cyclone Debbie.

It is (once again) heartwarming to see the outpouring of community support during what is a difficult time for many.

We are receiving many calls and messages from people wanting to help Queenslanders experiencing devastation, hardship and stress.

We have started placing volunteers in flood-affected areas, particularly in the Logan region. We will continue to contact and place volunteers as requests from councils, disaster groups and nonprofits come through.

There is still a way to go for communities devastated by Cyclone Debbie, and we want to assure them that we are here to provide help as needed. 


Want to volunteer?

We really value and appreciate your offer of support.

Please register your interest in volunteering with us:

> Register or update your details now

We will contact you if your help is needed. Please be aware this will depend on:

  • the needs of affected communities (which may take time to assess)
  • the support disaster agencies, councils and nonprofits request
  • volunteer availability, location and skills required.

We encourage you, if safe to do so, to help your family, friends, neighbours, and groups or associations you already have a connection with.


How Volunteering Queensland's emergency volunteers are helping in Logan

Over the past few days we have placed 350 volunteers in the Logan area to begin cleaning up the devastation inflicted by Cyclone Debbie.

All of our volunteers begin the day with a briefing, making sure volunteers respect the wishes, feelings and property of people impacted by this disaster; as well as being aware of the risks and safety measures that are a part of the inspiring activities. Emergency volunteers are then provided with the necessary equipment, personal protective and safety gear, access to first aid, and are covered by insurance throughout the course of the day. Volunteers are also given the option of having a Tetanus injection before boarding the shuttle bus to their work site. 

The health, well-being and safety of all of our volunteers is of primary concern, so a team leader is appointed for each clean up crew, and we encourage volunteers to get to know their team and watch out for each other on the work site.

Cleaning up after a disaster like Cyclone Debbie is both physically and mentally tough. It can be heartbreaking working with residents who have lost everything in the floods and gale-force winds. Our volunteers are trained to treat the residents with sensitivity and respect, being mindful of cultural heritage and traditions in the clean up.

Volunteers take part in a debrief at the end of each day to check on their welfare, identify areas of improvement for operations and experiences, and to continue to assess community needs.

We’re working with Logan City Council and community partner Access Community Services to coordinate this effort.

Together we can rebuild these communities and the lives of affected Queenslanders.

Take a look at a snapshot of the clean up underway in Logan, and the incredible efforts of our emergency volunteers:


How community is helping

Check out the amazing efforts of locals and community groups who are helping with the recovery:


How highly trained emergency experts are helping

View the amazing work of emergency services and utilities personnel who are giving their time and support in communities across the state. What legends who are going well above and beyond their normal call of duty:


Do you need the support of emergency volunteers?

If you are a disaster agency, council or nonprofit that needs extra help – please contact our team on 1800 994 100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We can discuss your options for accessing the support of local emergency volunteers who are registered with us.


Our thoughts are with everyone impacted

You are not alone in this recovery and together we can rebuild.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Stay informed

For the latest emergency volunteering updates, keep an eye on the Volunteering Queensland Twitter.

For cyclone, flooding and recovery updates, listen to your local ABC radio and view the ABC Emergency Twitter