Extreme weather events – how to help

We are currently monitoring the severe weather.

At this point there's no formal call for volunteers. Only trained emergency services workers are out braving the weather to keep us safe - and we thank them immensely for their efforts.

However, in the recovery phase and when it's safe to do so, additional volunteers may be required to support active and approved disaster agencies (Government, NGO's, community groups).

Please register your offer of help here.

If extra volunteer support is required and your availability, location and skills match the organisations' needs – you may be contacted by our Emergency Volunteering CREW (Community Response to Extreme Weather) team for an opportunity to volunteer or by approved disaster agencies.

Please understand this will be based on the needs of the organisations working closely with the affected communities and that you will only be contacted if needed.

We encourage potential volunteers, when safe to do so, to help their family, friends and neighbours, first and foremost. Thereafter, support should be offered to group/associations the individual already has.

In the meantime stay tuned to your local ABC radio station, or a trusted internet source such as QLD Alert provided by the Queensland Government. 

We really value your offer to help. Thanks again.