Building Community Resilience

To increase resilience at the grassroots level, we've been holding disaster preparedness awareness sessions with local community groups and networks. 

Recently we've held sessions with the Paint Pals group at Mt Gravatt Community Centre and with Oxley Day Service, where we looked at practical ideas on how to better prepare yourself and your friends and family. We covered easy ways to locate further valuable information now and when a disaster strikes. It was amazing to see everyone so engaged – they all pledged at least one thing they are going to do to ensure they’re better prepared for disasters! Mission accomplished!!

Since 2010 our team has been working to develop a wide range of preparedness and community resilience resources to support communities to take ownership of being prepared for emergencies. We encourage you to check how prepared you are using our Disaster Readiness Index and learn what you can do to help your community prepare by accessing our Disaster Ready Communities resources.