Transforming data silos into information flow

In 2010-11, Queensland suffered a string of natural disasters, including floods and tropical cyclones.

During this time, community groups and all levels of government relied heavily on Volunteering Queensland to coordinate volunteers' offers of help. Phones were ringing off the hook and email inboxes overflowing, with our Emergency Volunteering CREW service collecting approximately 120,000 offers of assistance. With all this information being received, we needed a system to quickly help the efforts on the ground.

Salesforce Foundation approached us to offer their CRM system and some support to get it up and running. To do that they engaged with SalesFix, a specialist partner in business improvement with a vast knowledge of Salesforce implementation, integration and configuration.

Julie Molloy, our Director of Social Engagement who oversees Emergency Volunteering CREW, says "Salesfix listened very carefully to what our objectives were and what we wanted to be able to achieve with Salesforce. Without their support, we would not have been able, or had the confidence to take the bigger steps."

With collaboration and communication, SalesFix modified Salesforce to connect the silos of data that had been previously captured and stored. Salesfix configured the system so that related lists 'talked' to each other and produce truly meaningful information and reports.

Read the full case study on how the right system has helped us to better manage volunteers pre, during and after disasters.

Picture: Megan Slade Source: The Australian