Mackay & never working in isolation

Blog by Tal Fitzpatrick, Leadership Program Coordinator

The Mackay Natural Disaster Resilience Leadership workshops really brought home one point to me - as community leaders, we never work on an island! We should never work in isolation to the people and world around us. 

This came across in a few ways. Firstly, one of the key points for community leaders who want to build more disaster resilience is that you need to understand the world in which you operate. As community leaders, we don't operate in a vacuum. Three of the guest speakers in Mackay were a fantastic help in setting the scene for disaster management in Queensland.

The speakers in Mackay included Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) Area Director for Mackay Anthony Lee; Mackay Regional Council Emergency Management Technical Officer Bruce Chester-Master and President of Mackay Red Cross Ray William.

This point about never working in isolation also came across within the group and the group dynamics. One of the groups members had been struggling with an issue for many years and the group organically came together and brainstormed practical ways forward and simply re-energised her to continue. Working in communities can be challenging and we all need to have a strong support network around us - either friends, colleagues or people we meet at leadership workshops. Working with, and not alone helps keep the motivation up and the momentum rolling.

Thanks Mackay for sharing your stories and bringing these valuable insights to life.