The government expects that you will be able to look after yourself for up to 72 hours, without official external help.

As we saw during the 2003 bushfires, with most of the ACT a disaster-declared area, sometimes the scale of the disaster is simply too great. The government and emergency services simply can't help everyone at once.

This in itself, is a good enough reason to prepare. There are some useful resources available created by the Community Services Directorate:

Emergency Guide

The ACT Government Community Services Directorate Emergency Guide has been developed to outline key emergencies that could occur and provide you with guidance on how you can prepare for them. This includes how to prepare for emergencies such as earthquakes, bushfires and storms. View the guide.

Grab and Go Kit

This kit can be used to fill in your details for easy reference during an emergency. This includes space to record emergency contacts, details of neighbours and medical information. There are also tear-out information cards for you to exchange contact details with trusted neighbours. View the kit.

Don't be alarmed, here are a few small steps...

Whilst contemplating a disaster coming your way can be scary, there are a number of easy, simple steps you can take to minimise your risk. In fact, disaster preparedness could take about the same time as it takes you to do a load of laundry.

The best starting place is the Disaster Readiness Index as it gives you a score based on how prepared you currently are and it provides customised steps for where you should start your preparedness journey. 

You're prepared, what next...

Talk about it! Find out why a prepared community is safer than simply a prepared individual.